Posted by: kimberly's Kakery | October 20, 2011

Friends and Family Rock….

A year ago, I made a wedding cake and groom’s cake for Megan and Nick. Megan is the daughter of my awesome friend Mimi. They are truly one of my favorite couples and I adore their daughter!!

Instead of saving the top tier of their wedding cake, I offered to do a fresh one! The cake is Vanilla Cake with Cookies and Cream Filling and iced with Vanilla Buttercream.

Keith has such a wonderful family! One of his cousins is Kacee. She lives in Buda (not far from us). We don’t see her that often but I am going to change that! Kacee was co-hosting a party for a friend of hers. She asked me to make a zebra and pink cake to match the party decorations!

Bottom tier is Chocolate Chip Cake with Chocolate Chip Cream Cheese Filling. Top tier is Vanilla Cake with Butterfinger Buttercream Filling.

Kacee also had me make a bath of Sopapilla Cheesecake Bars….YUMMMM…

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