Posted by: kimberly's Kakery | October 19, 2011

Gruene + Armadillo = Fun Wedding

Back in February, Keith and I entered a Chili Cookoff at Oma Gruene’s Secret Garden. We came in 1st place with the other cooks and 2nd place with the crowd! It was so much fun!

I fell in love with Oma’s Secret Garden. If you are ever in Gruene, stop by and say Hi to Paul and Tracy!

Paul and Tracy asked me to do a cake for a wedding taking place at their location. The bride didn’t care about the wedding cake but she knew what she wanted for a groom’s cake! She wanted an armadillo like in Steel Magnolias! So fun! The groom picked out the wedding cake! 🙂

Wedding cake is Vanilla Cake with fresh strawberry filling, vanilla buttercream and fondant. Groom’s cake (armadillo) is Butter Pecan Cake colored dark red. 🙂


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