Posted by: kimberly's Kakery | March 23, 2010

Ultimate Chocolate Cake….

My friend Deb (yes, I have spoken of her on here MANY times) contacted me about making her husband’s birthday cake. He really liked the cake I made for her so we went that direction. Fred loves chocolate. I made a triple chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream filling and iced with chocolate buttercream. I placed chocolate pirouette cookies on the sides of the 10″ cake and then star tipped the 6″ cake. I threw a few chocolate covered strawberries around the cake for color. I think this cake would make a great groom’s cake!


  1. I’m here in NB and your cakes are beautiful. My daughter is turning 6 next month and I was wanting to talk to you about maybe making her cake. Thanks Jill Baker 830.515.8643 cell

  2. This is fabulous. Period!!!!

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