Posted by: kimberly's Kakery | October 29, 2009


My friends Deb and De asked me to make a cake for a wedding shower last week. I was told the bride likes white cake with buttercream icing. The wedding was going to be located at Landa Park here in New Braunfels. The couple loves nature and leaves. Deb mailed me a copy of the invite. Here is the cake I came up with:

Middle October 2009 090

Here are a few pics of the fondant leaves I made……(before I put them on the cake)

Middle October 2009 078

Middle October 2009 079

Middle October 2009 080

I also made cupcakes for a baby shower hosted by Sheri. Sheri wanted strawberry cupcakes with cream cheese icing. The baby shower was light blue with a puppy dog theme. Check them out:

Middle October 2009 031

Middle October 2009 032



  1. That cake is beautiful!!!

    Love the puppy foot cupcakes!

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