Posted by: kimberly's Kakery | October 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Alexis Taylor!!

My oldest niece just turned 10! I can’t believe she is in double digits. The day she was born was one of the happiest days of my life!

Lexi decided to have a Halloween Birthday Party this year. I let her decide what the cake would look like. She wanted an orange buttercream cake (top layer was chocolate with fudge filling and bottom layer was butter cake with buttercream filling) with purple and green polka dots along with spiders. She actually helped me color the fondant and decided upon the shades of purple and green.

I also made cupcakes for the kiddos to decorate as well as some pumpkin cupcakes with purple and green cream cheese icing.

Here are some pictures of Lexi, her cake and the party!

Lexi's 10th Bday 024

Lexi's 10th Bday 046

Lexi's 10th Bday 045

Lexi's 10th Bday 050

Lexi's 10th Bday 064

Lexi's 10th Bday 096

Lexi's 10th Bday 052

Happy Birthday Loo Loo McGoo! Aunt Dodo and Uncle Keith love you so very much!!!



  1. Wow! These are some awesome cakes/cupcakes/cookies/etc… 🙂

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