Posted by: kimberly's Kakery | September 29, 2009

Cajun & Cupcakes….

My neighbor Sheri contacted me about making a cake for her parent’s best friend! The best friend, Shari, loves everything cajun and goes cajun dancing all the time. They wanted half chocolate and half white cake. Here is the cake that I came up with: (bottom is a chocolate cake with chocolate filling and top is white cake with buttercream filling…all of the decorations are buttercream)

LateSept2009 001

LateSept2009 009

LateSept2009 010

I also had 3 cupcake orders this past weekend. The first order was for my friend Joyce. Joyce wanted to give cupcakes to her son’s doctors office as a thank you. She also ordered an extra dozen for herself and Jay to enjoy! I made lemon poppy seed with lemon buttercream, strawberry with strawberry buttercream, pumkin with cream cheese and german chocolate.

LateSept2009 015

My next order of cupcakes was for Monica. Monica belongs to a girl’s group where I have met so many awesome people! (Joyce is one of them). I was as excited about meeting Monica in person as I was about the cupcakes. She is so awesome and I am blessed to call her a friend!

Monica’s cupcakes were for a wedding shower she was hosting. I did simple cupcake decorations with blue and white. I also included chocolate monograms I made to be put on the cupcakes once they were at the destination. The flavors of cupcakes that Monica chose were pina colada with buttercream, carrot with cream cheese icing, dark chocolate with cream cheese icing, butter pecan with praline filling and buttercream icing, lemon poppyseed with cream cheese icing and german chocolate.

LateSept2009 042

LateSept2009 043

LateSept2009 046

LateSept2009 050

I also had an order from Michelle (she is our realtor Forrest’s wife) for a dozen carrot cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and a dozen oatmeal cream pies. I am so mad at myself as I forgot to take pictures! 😦

It was a busy baking weekend but I had a blast. Plus, all 5 of my nieces were in town for the Comal County Fair. Good times!! Here is one quick pic of my two youngest nieces at the fair!! 🙂

LateSept2009 055


  1. honey, I just want to tell you how FREAKING AWESOME those pumpkin cupcakes were. I gobbled mine down, eyed Jay’s so he ate his and then wanted to eat the last one but Jay decided we should be nice and give them to my sister and BIL. UGH! I want more pumpkin cupcakes! Those were all divine, but the pumpkin, oh the pumpkin…

    xoxo! lunch? when? you pick!

  2. Everything looks fabulous!

  3. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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