Posted by: kimberly's Kakery | June 26, 2009

My neighbors rock!

We moved into Castle Ridge in New Braunfels a little over 2 years ago. We found the neighborhood through our friends Jennifer and Mike. They live on the next block over.

Soon after moving in, we met our next door neighbors. Sheri and David totally rock! I love having them next door. They have two adorable kiddos that I love spending time with!

Sheri works for a bank and asked if I would make cupcakes for someone who was getting older. She wanted them decorated with white icing and black roses! 🙂 Not a problem though black is a lot harder to achieve than I realized. I have enclosed some pictures. Today, the bank is having a fiesta luncheon. Sheri asked if I would make some cupcakes for that. I went ahead and made margarita, pina colada and strawberry cupcakes!

Late June 2009 022

Late June 2009 025

Late June 2009 021

Late June 2009 027

Late June 2009 044

Late June 2009 046

Late June 2009 051

Late June 2009 049

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