Posted by: kimberly's Kakery | April 8, 2009

Easter Sugar Cookies

I have never had much luck using cookie cutters. I tried to make a Longhorn once and it turned out looking like a little obese cow. I was so excited that these sugar cookies do actually look like they should. The first few I made icing with buttercream. It tasted yummy but wasn’t good for stacking the cookies. I then used royal icing. 🙂 Here are some pictures of my decorated Easter sugar cookies! 🙂

Buttercream Icing (so pretty):


Sugar Cookies:


Sugar Cookies with Buttercream Icing:




Sugar Cookies with Royal Icing:



I plan on baking all day Friday for the Elk’s Easter Egg Hunt and then Easter in Austin with Keith’s family! Hopefully I remember to take lots of pictures!

Happy Easter everyone! God Bless!

Love, Kimberly


  1. Oh, YUM! Those look absolutely beautiful and you’ve decorated them so pretty! You are really very talented. I can’t wait for the next “CPP” to taste your baking. Send me some cookies!!!

  2. SOOOOOOOO pretty! 🙂

  3. i got some cute cookie cutters for easter. did you just use a normal sugar cookie recipe? i am worried about my bunnies holding their shape. the eggs not as much…very cute!

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